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Seward Arts Council

fostering a diverse and thriving arts community

what we do

The Seward Arts Council is a 100% volunteer-run non-profit that helps keep the arts alive in Seward. We give money directly to projects and help other groups apply for grant money, and we help provide volunteers and advertising as well.

If you've been to an arts-related event in Seward, then chances are good that the Seward Arts Council was involved. Our biggest annual event is the Seward Music and Arts Festival, but we also help sustain and support a number of other smaller organizations around town, including the community band, the Port City Players, the Seward Mural Society, and the winter movie series, to name just a few.


Did you miss Arctic Entries? You can listen HERE! A special thank you to Sunny Cove Kayaking, Stoney Creek Brewing, Harbor 360 Hotel, Major Marine Tours, Seward Ocean Excursions, Kenai Fjords Tours, Resurrection Bae, Forests Tides & Treasures, and Alaska Sealife Center for sponsoring our door prizes!

help support the arts

If you like any of the things that we sponsor, please consider donating today. Your money will go directly into funding events here in town, and by donating you help make our town a vibrant and fun place to live.

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